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Storage Systems

AMES Kompress Elite Cabinets

Versatile Storage Solutions


AMES Kompress Cabinets are perfect for organizations concerned with maximizing their available space. Our cabinet design will help you utilize your existing storage space without sacrificing accessibility.

These cabinets are designed to meet letter, legal and large document size filing requirements and have the ability to store a variety of media types. All cabinets can be used as back-to-back islands, traditional wall-standing units, or mobilized for maximizing valuable floor space. Kompress Elite Cabinets are the perfect solution for your accessibility, security and space issues.


AMES Kompress Max Cabinets

AMES Kompress Max Cabinets' fixed shelf design can save you time and money by improving the utilization of your storage space, without sacrificing accessibility. They are the ideal solution to address accessibility, security and space issues. AMES Kompress Max Cabinets are available in two shelf height configurations, come in two to seven compartments high and in an array of contemporary colors.


AMES Kompress Rotary Cabinets

Maximum Utility in Minimal Space

Rotary Cabinets are designed with a turning configuration. This unique construction provides access to all contents on each side of the unit. Rotary Cabinets are available in six heights with both single and double-sided access and different internal configurations. The ability to store files in multiple tiers of either rollout or unit box storage styles, along with wardrobe storage capability, make Rotary Cabinets ideally suited for limited space. Rotary Cabinet units can be designed into your floor plan as partitions, dividers, counters, against walls or between adjacent workstations.

Privacy and Usability

With side panels turned outward, Rotary Cabinet's contents are secure from unwanted inspection. Both openings are just a quarter turn away, along with immediate visual access to contents.

Fits Your Way of Doing Business

Custom units can be configured to accommodate standard color-coded folder filing, security storage in locking drawers, small media filing in 3-inch drawers, filing in full-shelf rollouts, unit boxes and wardrobe capabilities - all in the same cabinet. Components can be adjusted in one-inch increments in the field, making adjustments for size variances simple.



Mobile Cabinet Solutions

If you want to make your AMES cabinets even more efficient, put our Kompress MAX-TRAC mobile system to work. Kompress MAX-TRAC is ideal for high-density storage environments. Cabinets are arranged in two compact rows, eliminating traditional aisle space. The front row glides from side-to-side, allowing access to the back row. Access is created only when and where it's needed.

Save Floor Space and Search Time
With our Kompress MAX-TRAC system, you get more files in less space. And because cabinets are just a few steps apart, search time is reduced as well. Kompress MAX-TRAC adds only two inches to the overall cabinet height. No bulky carriages are required because wheels bolt directly into existing cabinet bases.

Use any AMES Cabinet
No matter what media you store, AMES has the right cabinet for you. And every AMES cabinet quickly adapts to Kompress MAX-TRAC, without bulky carriages or awkward overhead safety equipment. Available for letter and legal-size files.


AMES Kompress 9 & 10 Mobile Systems

High-Density Mobile Storage

Whether you are storing files, supplies, electronic media, or reference materials, the Kompress 9 and 10 mobile systems are ideal for any environment where space is at a premium. Kompress systems can be installed on top of an existing floor, or they can be integrated into the floor in renovation or new construction projects.

Visually Pleasing while Saving Space

AMES Kompress mobile systems offer a complete spectrum of design possibilities, with color and texture choices to create visual harmony in any environment. End panels are available in painted steel, laminated with either self-edge, t-edge radius-edge, or custom-edge treatments. Double-faced shelving is arranged in a "T" intersection to the wall, allowing you to crease aisles only when and where you need them, eliminating the need for fixed aisles.

Configurable as Your Needs Change

Available in manual and mechanical-assist options, this sturdy system is designed for
life and can be configured to your exact specifications.

Kompress 9 or 10 are ideal solutions for filing environments where high capacity, low access,
and secure storage are required.


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